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Want to make them cry, laugh, or go into fits of giggles? Make your card personal by customising with a custom message inside the cards, we send direct to the recipient so no need to write the card yourself!

Greetings cards are an important way of marking special occasions. They provide a canvas for you to express your feelings and emotions for someone. Whether you’re sending birthday wishes, congratulations, or wishing someone luck, it’s a thoughtful means of connection.

If you’re like us, the connection you share most with friends and family is through humour. We’ve all opened hundreds of cards in our lifetimes. How many do you actually remember? A funny birthday card will brighten up anyone’s day and is far more memorable than a boring old “best wishes” card. 

Whether you want to make the recipient laugh, cry, or gasp in shock, we have some incredible options. Our cards cover a range of social trends, TV shows, and movie themes. Each theme is carefully adapted for all occasions, including birthdays, Father’s Day, and Mother’s Day.

If your Prime Minister loving buddy is celebrating their birthday, send them a card with a special message from Boris Johnson. On a less sarcastic note, maybe you want to wish your Stranger Things obsessed sister an “11 out of 10 Birthday”.

Father’s Day options come with a range of trademark quotes from Tyson Fury to Donald Trump. Whether you want to refer to your Dad as a “dosser” or tell him he’s doing a “great job, a really, really great job” (*Donald Trump voice*), you’ll find a suitable card. 

To add a more personal touch, all cards are customizable. You can write whatever message you like inside. 

To make things even easier, we can send your card directly to the recipient. There’s no need for messing around with stamps, envelopes, or post offices. Just wait patiently for their response!