The Ultimate Christmas Jumper List for a 2020 Pandemic Christmas

Boris Johnson Christmas Jumper

The Ultimate Christmas Jumper List for a 2020 Pandemic Christmas

We’re coming to the close of 2020, and with Easter a washout, the summer a washout, and Christmas on the way, it’s easy to assume that the pandemic theme for this year is going to shut down Christmas, too. The thing is, while the big Christmas markets and fairs may not be open and social distancing rules mean that we can’t have huge family events, it doesn’t mean that Christmas cannot be fun!

Just before Christmas on 11th December is Christmas Jumper Day. This day is the day you want to look fantastic and as cheesy as possible to raise money for children. It’s an annual event where the most Funny Christmas Jumpers are to be worn, and it’s all for a very worthy cause. So, where do you buy the most impressive, flashy, and fun Christmas Jumpers to make this day great? All Things Banter, of course!

A Festive Pick Me Up

Our Christmas jumpers are here to make you smile, and given the tough year we are all having, we could use that little pick me up. Some of our jumpers are pandemic related, and others are TV-related. The point is that you want to make sure that it’s your jumper that wins the office competition! Thousands of workplaces across the UK will make the most of the festive season, and even if you are going to be judged for your Christmas jumper on Zoom or Skype, you need to know where to get the best Christmas jumper – and we’re the place to go!

Boris Johnson Bants

You’ve seen the memes this year – they have been spectacular! From Dominic Cummings and his cross-country trip for an eye test (ahem) and Boris Johnson with his eat out, BUT DON’T EAT OUT approach, there have been some hilarious jokes all over the internet. We’ve turned these memes and jokes into the best Christmas jumpers yet, and we’re proud to raise a smile no matter the political leanings you hold. Life is weird this year. We are in an unprecedented situation, but Christmas Jumper Day will be a light at the end of a pandemic tunnel. You can indulge in something funny while raising money to Save The Children, and we offer delivery, so you don’t even have to go anywhere to do it!

Leo Wins!

A Christmas Jumper should be colourful and out there, and if you have been online at all the last few months, you’ve seen the meme with Leo DiCaprio making faces in Django – right? Well, we’ve got it for you. A soft Christmas Jumper with a festive Leo is going to make your season, and we love how creative these jumpers look! We’ve created a personalised look that remains stylish and stands out, so you know you’re going to win over the standard Father Christmas and reindeer selections in the major supermarkets. An itchy wooly jumper may make you cringe – which is why we offer something far more comfortable.