Looking to do something different for Valentine’s day? No doubt your loved one is sick to death of the typical corny Valentines gifts. They’ve had chocolates, they’ve got plenty of little teddy bears – it’s time to put a smile on their face with something they’ve never had before! 


Our Valentines gifts are perfect for putting a smile on your loved ones face. We have so many funny and meme-filled gift ideas that will send you both rolling on the floor with laughter. You could pick up one of our hilarious heart-shaped cushions that come with a funny message, or you can create your own banterous mug. All of our products are personalised, which means you get to put your names on them, add in any private jokes, and so on. 

Banter gifts are always winners, and they show some thoughtfulness too! As you look through our list of products, you’re bound to find something that suits your needs. If anything, a funny personalised mug shows you’ve put way more effort in than if you just bought a box of boring chocolates. So, you’ll earn some serious boyfriend/girlfriend points from your other half!

All couples have running jokes that the two of you always go on about. Why don’t you turn these jokes into presents with one of our products? Take a look around, personalise things however you want, and you’re sure to win the prize for best Valentines gift this year. Chocolates and boring teddy bears are a thing of the past. Everyone knows the quickest way to someone’s heart is through good old fashioned humour!